7″W X 24″D X 32″H Legacy Architectural Grade PVC Outlooker with Block Ends


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Decorative outlookers, typically placed under the roofline, provide distinct, appealing lines for your home or building’s exterior. Made from heavy-duty, yet lightweight PVC, our outlookers resemble real wood, but are weatherproof and maintenance-free.
  • PVC outlookers can be used just like wood, with no maintenance
  • Sturdy PVC outlookers are perfect for under your entryway, portico, or roof eves
  • Light, durable, and easy to install, PVC outlookers last a lifetime
  • Decorative PVC outlookers come in a variety of different styles and sizes
  • Will not rot, split, warp or crack and is impervious to moisture
  • Hand-assembled and sanded, our white outlookers arrive ready to paint

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12"D X 12"H, 12"D X 14"H, 14"D X 14"H, 14"D X 18"H, 16"D X 16"H, 16"D X 22"H, 18"D X 18"H, 18"D X 24"H, 20"D X 20"H, 20"D X 26"H, 24"D X 24"H, 24"D X 32"H, 30"D X 30"H, 36"D X 36"H

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5.00", 7.00"

7"W X 24"D X 32"H Legacy Architectural Grade PVC Outlooker with Block Ends

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