Pirit PWL-03-100 100-Feet Heated Hose, 100′


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Cold weather water hose ideal for normal farm and garden use, and light commercial applications. Ideal for tasks requiring running water in below freezing temperatures. Thermostatically controlled to activate automatically when temperatures are below 45 deg degrees F Fahrenheit and turn off when temperatures are above 50 deg F. Tested down to -42 deg F. Features a grounded power supply, grounded nickel plated brass female & male couplings, protective bend restrictors at both ends, abrasion resistant cover, and knit reinforcing. Heater wires are extruded directly into the hose walls for uniform heating and unrestricted water flow. Made with FDA Food and Drug Administration approved materials. Drinking water safe. UL Underwriter’s Laboratories listed. MET approved. 1-year limited . The Product is manufactured in China.

The 100-Feet Series 2 PIRIT Heated Hose is made from drink-safe materials and thermostatically controlled to automatically turn on when needed and prevent water from freezing in the hose down to minus 42-Degree Fahrenheit. With a new, tougher thermostat hardwired to the outside of the hose you are guaranteed more consistent and customizable results depending on your need. The hose comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defect.

  • New tougher thermostat
  • Thermostatically controlled. Turns on when temperatures are below 45 degrees. Off when temperatures are above 50 degrees.
  • Grounded power supply & nickel plated brass female & male coupling.
  • Keeps water from freezing down to minus 42-Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Protective bend restrictors at both ends. Abrasion resistant cover. Knit reinforcing.

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Pirit PWL-03-100 100-Feet Heated Hose, 100'

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